About us

History and commitment to safety

The Shinn Way

At Shinn, we strive to build strong, lasting relationships with our customers. Whether it’s a $25 million dollar mechanical project or a $500 dollar piece of fabrication, we want our clients to feel like they got more than what they expected.

Since our founding more than 20 years ago, we have remained focused on bringing our customers not only the most comprehensive customer support, but to also deliver high-quality and cost-effective solutions tailored to their exact needs. Putting our client's interests first, we work hard to exceed their expectations.

You can talk about success, but at the end of the day, success in our business is measured by results. And we believe real results begin with real values.

At Shinn, dependability and accountability are at the forefront of our culture. As a company and as individuals, we value teamwork, innovative spirit, quality craftsmanship, and integrity above all else.

Each day, in our office, in our fabrication shop, and on our job sites, we hold ourselves accountable—to each other and to our clients. That's our foundation—the values that define everything we do.

When we work with Shinn Mechanical, it seems like a partnership. The complete process is overlapped with an understanding of each other’s business and goals. The project transition is exceptional. As the project is constructed, their team is professional and never loses sight of the goal. The project planning was superior from every aspect.

Project Manager, Trane

Commitment to Safety

Shinn Mechanical holds a strong commitment to its industrial safety and health responsibilities. This commitment includes a firm policy to take all reasonable steps to ensure reduction of safety and health hazards and protect the occupational safety and health of our employees, customers, and the communities in which Shinn Mechanical operates. The company accident prevention program (copies available on request) demonstrates Shinn Mechanical's commitment to compliance with all safety and health regulations. Shinn Mechanical's intention is to assure that: Each employee understands Shinn Mechanical's Commitment to health and safety. Each employee accepts their responsibility to fulfill the commitment through awareness of the health and safety rules and regulations. Return each employee home from work in the same condition they started. As a company, Shinn Mechanical is in a highly regulated industry from a safety standpoint. Violation of the safety and health laws can result in serious consequences, not only to the company, but to our employees, and the communities involved in the violation. Through the accident prevention program, Shinn Mechanical will ensure that every employee is provided with a highly satisfying, injury-free workplace.

Today [we] were recipients of accolades for safety on the job... this project went three years with no recordable or lost-time accidents, which is remarkable to say the least... the dedication and hard work of Shinn Mechanical played a huge part in this and I want to express my deepest appreciation for the great work performed by our partners on this job.

Vice President of Safety, Lydig Construction