Fabrication / Shop


The heart of Shinn Mechanical is our fabrication shop. It is here that we generate pieces and custom assemblies of unparalleled quality for distribution to our field teams, our customers, and even our competitors. From simple pipe spools to complex large-scale packages, Shinn Mechanical has the capability to make your vision a reality.

At Shinn, we maintain a philosophy of constant innovation through investment in our fabrication division. This is reflected in the highly-skilled, creative team that Shinn employs and the state-of-the-art equipment we utilize. It is in our shop that we can maximize efficiency of operations and provide greatest value to our customers. To maintain our position as the preeminent pipe fabrication facility in the Pacific Northwest, Shinn is continually seeking out new technology and implementing cutting-edge processes. Some examples of the equipment investments and in-house solutions we have developed are:

  • Computer-controlled Plasma Pipe Cutting Machines
  • Precision Waterjet Machine
  • In-house designed, custom Pipe Grooving Machines
  • In-house designed, custom Articulating Weld Booms (for which Shinn was the recipient of the MCAA E. Robert Kent Award for Management Innovation)



Although known primarily for piping, Shinn Mechanical possesses near limitless capabilities to satisfy all your fabrication needs. This includes custom brackets and supports, platforms and catwalks, stairs and railings, steel frames, and even custom displays/signs and architectural elements. We work with all metals and alloys, including exotic and specialty types. Come to Shinn with your problem and our fab shop will deliver a solution!



Shinn Mechanical works very well with our hired architects/engineers and they contribute to design modifications when issues arise in the field. I have the highest regard for the abilities and performance capabilities of Shinn Mechanical and would highly recommend them.

University of Washington

Services offered

  • Cut-to-length pipe sections with any desired end preparation (threaded, grooved, flanged, etc.)
  • Pipe sections from our stock – don’t buy a full-length when you only need a short piece
  • Precision waterjet cut plates and brackets
  • Packaged mechanical skid design and fabrication
  • Pre-piping of mechanical units and assemblies
  • Custom coatings and surface treatments through our trade partners
  • Quick turnaround services to suit your needs

I was totally impressed with [Shinn's] ability to problem solve when we ran into a problem that could have left us dead in the water. [Shinn's] innovative solution kept us on track and enabled us to complete the project.

Utilities Chief Engineer, Facility Maintenance at Amgen