King County Corrections Facility HVAC Equipment Replacement


This project included comprehensive energy saving heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment and system replacements at the King County Correctional Facility. The work included removing existing air handling units, replacing them with new air handling units, including supply fan sections, return fan sections, exhaust fan sections, and all filters and coil sections, including associated coils and hydronic piping packages, ductwork modifications, pumps, and new glycol feeder. Work also included removal of existing electrical devices and connections back to motor control centers and removal of an existing DDC controls system and replacement with a new BACnet open protocol energy management and control system. This work was completed while maintaining full operation through temporary ventilation equipment and systems in a highly secured facility with 24-hour continuous operational requirements.

Owner: King County
General Contractor: Shinn Mechanical, Inc.