Port of Seattle Pre-Conditioned Air


The new centralized pre-conditioned air system will provide temperature controlled air to seventy-three aircraft gates. The chiller plant incorporates centrifugal water chillers, primary and secondary system chilled water pumps, condenser water pumps, and automated ice storage system to greatly decrease the peak demand required by real time cooling systems. The chilled water requires two stages of cooling to achieve the 20°F chilled water solution provided to each of the seventy-three gate air handling units. This project was completed at an active airport working around aircraft and passengers. Over sixty thousand feet of piping was carefully hand measured, fabricated offsite, and routed across the entire airport to make this system possible. Tightly scheduled outages at each passenger loading bridge was coordinated daily with airport operations. Due to the unforeseen nature of an existing facility Shinn Mechanical, Inc. worked in a design/assist capacity with the owner to complete the project.

Owner: Port of Seattle
General Contractor: Lydig Construction

As we worked toward the construction phase of the project, the work your team completed during preconstruction ultimately paid off once the 15+ miles of pipe was precisely routed through a sea of existing obstructions, conveyor belts, baggage and utility tunnels among a host of other utilities throughout the 600,000-SF facility—all while 34.7 million passengers travel through the airport every year.

Project Manager, Lydig Construction