Precision WaterJet Machine

Through the use of our in-house Abrasive Waterjet Machining Center, Shinn Mechanical is able to produce custom parts in limitless shapes and sizes from virtually any material (brass, bronze, copper, fiberglass, stainless steel, titanium, tungsten, etc.). The precision of the waterjet cutting process allows a level of cleanliness and accuracy that is unmatched by any other cutting/fabrication method. We can achieve extremely tight tolerances (+/- 0.0010”) using the waterjet, exceeding the exacting specifications our clients demand. With the Waterjet Machining Center, Shinn offers repeatability and the option to duplicate a previously produced part or multiple, identical pieces to suit your needs. Using our custom cut program, parts can be arrayed to maximize the yield from a given sheet and minimize waste or drop. Whether you need to copy an existing part, design a new shape, mirror a piece, or precisely cut a specialty material, Shinn can offer a waterjet solution. By employing the waterjet machine in our operations, Shinn delivers fabrications with speed and efficiency that translates to savings for our customers. From custom brackets and supports to architectural pieces and decorative displays, the Shinn team is available to provide design assistance and guidance to our clients, leveraging the capabilities of our waterjet process. Please contact Shinn Mechanical today to see how Waterjet can help you.